Tray canopy

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Tray canopy

Mits Alloy canopies are designed around our unique internal frame which provides high structural integrity and modular layout options.

This allows you to set up your canopy the way you want using our extensive range of canopy accessories. Mits Alloy trays are light weight, durable and completely welded — no rattles! They are designed around our modular system allowing you to set up your tray the way you want.

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Using our extensive range of tray accessories. Here at Mits Alloy all of our canopies are designed to seamlessly integrate with our tray packages. Our team of experts will work with you to make sure you have the right set up for your application whether it is for work or play! There is no better way to assess how a canopy or tray would look on your vehicle than to see it in action.

Our highly skilled team are dedicated to delivering top quality products and great customer service. Our trays and canopies are built to stand the test of time in the harshest Australia conditions.

Our unique modular design allows you to build your ultimate touring or tradie rig. Find Your Canopy. Find Your Tray. Get Started. Check out our range of products below. See All Photos. See All Videos.

tray canopy

All Rights Reserved. Close Menu.The Modular System sets this product apart from the rest due to its versatility, The Tray is as strong as a steel tray but not as heavy.

Find all of our products online at www. Call outside of hours.

Ford Ranger PX3 Custom steel tray & Alloy canopy Shannons Engineeirng SE

Flexisport premium canopy not only do they look good they are central locking on all windows so for your convenience just hit the lock button on your key and walk away knowing your possessions are safe.

Call for a quote. Another tough hilux fitted out with a reliable Bocar tray. We have deals on all our range. Another quality Bocar set up ready for the new year, call me for some great Christmas deals Contact us for all your tray and accessories needs and get organised for we have you covered, have a great weekend.

You can never have enough secure ute tray storage. Call us on Call us for a Quote Today -or visit on our website - www. Isuzu Dmax complete with Bocar tray and trundle draw, drop in and see the friendly staff at central coast motor group and drive away with one today.

Call for a great deal on flexiglass canopies Happy New yearif you are looking to get a more organised Ute this year why not get a Bocar tray and trundle draw great for any tradie, please call for a quote.

Another great looking Bocar tray fitted to new Colorado extra cab, drop in and see the friendly staff at central coast Holden and drive away with a Bocar tray. Head in and see the friendly staff at Booths Mitsubishi and drive away with a tough triton complete with a Bocar deluxe tray. Why do one conversion when you can do a dozen great Bocar trays on to the unbreakable Aamarok big thanks to Leichhardt VW. Have a great day.

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Absolute red coloured flexisport canopy fitted to new Colorado looks greatbig thanks to the friendly staff at central coast Holden Gosford. Go and see the friendly staff at Booths Mitsubishi Gosford and drive away with a quality Bocar tray have a great weekend. Another happy tradie ,with Bocar tray and trundle pack.

Your email address will not be used for any other purpose, and you can unsubscribe at any time. East Coast Motorcycle Tours. The Illumination Factory.All trays and canopies are made in our Headquarters in Cairns and freighted down to our Norweld satellite locations.

Although Norweld offers the same pricing and quality throughout all our stores, Jure has the pleasure of transforming your vehicle into the ultimate touring or working 4WD. Being a qualified Norweld fitter himself, his attention to detail and quality control will ensure that the build is exactly what the customer wanted and more.

With a vast network of 4wd accessory leaders near him, Jure, with his knowledge can also help and advise vehicle accessories that you may require to make your ride look perfect and perform at its best. Before working at Norweld Brisbane, Jure was Graphics Supervisor at Channel Seven Brisbane for 20 years and has been in the industry for over 25 years.

Theses skill are now being shared with Norweld through design and creative input to help make Norweld an industry leader. Jure has always had a passion for the Norweld product and a passion for 4wding. Outside of Norweld Jure enjoys getting out camping and exploring the sights Queensland and Australia has to offer.

At Norweld, we are constantly challenging ourselves to progress at everything we do. According to industry leaders, we have developed the ultimate series of aluminium ute tray and canopy products created specifically for tough Australian conditions. Furthermore, we uphold that we are one of the most proficient manufacturing companies when it comes to ute tray and canopy design.

We boast vast experience when it comes to the installation of ute trays and canopies.

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We offer the highest level of proficiency and service that effectively deals with the entire installation process. Since the business started, we have continued to satisfy our consumers with a powerful standard series of features, as well as some greater value choices and devices.

We are aware of the different requirements that our clients have. For that very reason, we have a broad choice of ute tray and ute canopies for our clients to select from. We are an ingenious maker of quality and economical heavy duty alloy ute trays and ute tray accessories. The material utilised in making our ute trays and canopies is considered first class.

Thinking about the fact that our trays and canopies will be exposed to some of the harshest environments in the world, it is important our products and our fittings are ultra-strong and long lasting.

Newcastle Trays and Canopies

Because of that, we fit our canopies with some amazing basic features like tyre mounts, tradie roof racks, tie down points, fridge drop slides and mounts, rear ladders, dog pods and a lot more storage compartments.

Devices such as electrical wiring plans, clip on tables, clip on actions, boat baring bars, awning installs and a camping tent installing system are also offered. Our objective is to supply quality aluminium trays and accessories at a competitive price.

Norweld ute trays and canopies are the very best in quality, design, performance and worth. We are proud to announce that our Brisbane display room is open for business and you are welcome to visit anytime. Jure Tokic Branch Manager. CALL Variety of Selection We are aware of the different requirements that our clients have.

Heavy-Duty Materials We are an ingenious maker of quality and economical heavy duty alloy ute trays and ute tray accessories. Toggle Sliding Bar Area.For over 40 years, Norweld has been building Aluminum Trays and Canopies, designed for and tested in the punishing terrain of the Australian Outback. Trays and canopies are modular and removable, allowing for transfer to future vehicles.

Norweld is an aluminum design and manufacturing company that specializes in the construction of heavy-duty and high-quality aluminum trays and canopies. We offer a large range of standard ute tray and ute canopy designs which are constructed to suit the harshest off road conditions in Australia and internationally. Norweld is an Australian owned and operated business that has been providing the highest quality workmanship in aluminium fabrication for over 47 years.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide our customers with a planned and meticulous build from inception through to completion. To get a quote on Norweld Trays, Canopies, and Accessories, contact sales mainlineoverland. Sign up for the MLO Newsletter to get the inside line on new campers, trailers, vehicle parts and kits, and more cutting-edge overland travel applications:.

Menu 0. Play Video. Why Norweld? About Norweld Norweld is an aluminum design and manufacturing company that specializes in the construction of heavy-duty and high-quality aluminum trays and canopies.

The Norweld Advantage Computer aided design and drafting CNC Profile cut and folded using latest technology Proven and tested designs with extensive testing in off-road conditions Heavy duty construction built for the harshest off road conditions Large range of standard designs to suit most make and models Welded construction 5 year manufacturer warranty. Available Norweld Products.

Part-Tray Canopy

Norweld Clip-On Step Norweld. Norweld Clip-On Table Norweld. Norweld Bedsides and Tailgate - 7ft Tray Norweld. Norweld Full-Size Short Bed 6. Norweld Dealer Network.These vehicles are tough and can transform into what you want them to be. Whether you need a workhorse for your business, a family mover, a weekend tourer or a daily utility vehicle, they give it all and much more. While these modern UTEs are moving closer to cars in refinement and sleek technology, they still retain their rugged edge and versatile design that defined the UTEs of yore.

Today, it is possible to add functionality to any utility truck you buy by leveraging the latest UTE canopy and tray design and fabrication. Aluminum canopies and trays are among the most popular truck accessories in Australia and for many good reasons. When shopping for UTE canopies and trays for your vehicle, go for a manufacturer with experience in UTE canopy design and fabrication.

Check the variety of designs available to determine if the manufacturer is the best to shop your UTE canopy or tray from. Other qualities to look out for include weather-resistance, dust-proof finishing, after sales service, wiring services and availability of tailored aluminium UTE canopy and tray package. This helps you find the best UTE canopy or tray to make better use of available space, enhance safety in transportation and add style to your UTE and boost functionality.

Writer September 11, Canopies provide a secure storage area that is larger than your pickup tub. Easy loading and transportation: With aluminium UTE trays, you have a versatile transportation option for a wide variety of items. With drop down sides and tail gates, you will find it easier to load and unload items.

Aesthetics: Adding a canopy gives your UTE a touch of style. With most UTE owners now applying their vehicles for daily use among other purposes, it is important to get this dash of style. You will enjoy the looks from other drivers when you pull up at the lights. Protecting the pickup tub: Most modern UTEs have become so refined as to reduce the rugged nature significantly. The tubs are not what you would have found on older vehicles hence adding a canopy offers much needed protection.

A canopy will preserve the UTE tray to prevent scratches and dents that otherwise diminish the value of your vehicle. Ease of installation and removal: Aluminium UTE canopies are easy to install and remove any time you need to maximize load capacity.

Easy strapping with UTE trays: When you have every bulky items to haul, UTE trays come in handy as you have multiple locations to strap your load and get going in no time.

September 11, More in Family. Read More. How to select an online math tutor for your child? Writer April 8, Is a Move to Louisiana Right for You in ? Scroll for more.MidTraymate Campers were born into existence with one aim: to build the most versatile slide on aluminium ute canopies in existence.

This post explains the origins of the Traymate Camper in detail.

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Grab a coffee and hang on to your seat! Traymate is a aluminium ute canopy manufacturer, and the brainchild of Trayon Campers an experienced slide on camper manufacture. Trayon Campers have been producing their very popular, lightweight slide on camper since Inthe Trayon camper was a very basic, simple robust camper designed to handle the rigours of the Australian Outback.

It had a bed, lounge, internal kitchen, cupboards, plenty of storage and not much else. It was a strong barebones camper built for hardcore touring on tracks like the Canning Stock Route and Gunbarrel Highway. Where weight reduction was key for safe, low impact travelling through the outback.

One of the main benefits of this barebones camper was that people could use it as a blank canvas and add what they wanted. It is now the lightest, strongest and most compact class 2 slide on camper available, with huge leaps forward in technology and design, it is well fitted out with all the creature comforts one would want in this day in age, with plenty of optional extras. A contrived example of the Level of Escalation that is comedically oversimplified is the evolution of the automotive industry.

Yes, there are many other factors which re-enforce the current level of escalation, such as safety regulations etc. There is no way to reverse the escalation because no one makes cars with no windscreens and a bale of hay anymore.

Perhaps that story was a little exaggerated, but you get the point. Trayon Campers have also been subject to the level of escalation, where something innately simple became more complex as creature comforts were added, keeping up with demand. I want a queen bed, I want LED lights, and now with Lithium batteries readily available, I will have a Lithium battery as well as a battery management system.

The trouble with the level of escalation is it leaves a small segment of the market not catered for. People looking for a simple budget slide on campers and canopies that can be fitted out with what they want, when they want or simply use their own camping gear they already have. Not everyone can afford a Trayon Camper. However, Trayon did notice a demand for a budget slide on canopy platform which can be DIY configured by the customer, or we can fit it out for them.

Something that has all the perks of the Trayon:. The closest alternatives were aluminium ute canopies purpose-built for tradesmen with optional legs to make it a jack off canopy for free-standing.

So the pickings a slim for slide on tray back ute canopies off the production line. The downside to a standard aluminium canopy is that generally it is purpose built for tradies, and you have to try and adapt and modify the canopy for the camping system to function in a practical way.

The most limiting factor of using trade canopies as campers is that they are often built with a degree slant in the design. This is done for aesthetics, but it does allow heavier loads to be carried on the roof, preventing sideways movement.

Imagine an electrician with several ladders and 50 kg of copper wire sitting on the roof racks. Losing valuable internal space that could be used for carrying gear. There are plenty of ute tents which are built for these types of trade canopies. However, since the roof is small, you may be restricted to one that folds its bed in half for pack-up, or is so narrow that when it unfolds it creates only a small awning for shelter underneath.

Perhaps one of the biggest issues with the conventional slide on aluminium ute canopies is that you need you need to store the jack off legs inside the loading area or strap them to the roof. Or consumes quite a lot of time stapping them down. Many people are adapting a trade platform into a camping platform, due to the lack of options out there. This leads them to customise and build a DIY solution. Traymate Campers are the most economical slide on aluminium ute campers available both on price and weight.

The goal in building the Traymate Camper was to ensure it retained the same extreme strength and durability as the Trayon Camper, while being low cost and versatile. Enabling anyone on a budget to get access to one. The base model of the Traymate Camper is called the Traymate shell.Aluminium drawers for across tray. A drawer on either side.

Very sturdy construction. Very smooth. Total unit is L x W x D.

tray canopy

Each Drawer internal dimensions are L x W x D. Mat has been cut to size in each drawer reducing vibration of equipment. Keys supplied. Perfect for use inside canopy or straight onto a tray back.

tray canopy

Rubber sections have been glued to top to stop movement of articles strapped to top. Fire extinguisher mount fixed to. Canvas Ute canopy was made to suit an AMA aluminium Ute tray but would fit any tray with internal measurements of long x wide, has 12v board on front of head board and only needs 2 wire hooked up and it fully working, comes with watt solar panel and 2. Came off extra cab ute will fit steel or alloy tray. Good condition Professionally made Roof racks Curtain sides Fitted to suit single cab tray back ute.

HQ link made canopy Dimensions: x fits a fleet trades tray perfectly. Draws and awning can have for free if u want. Custom high quality canopy. All 3 doors reinforced for strength with gas struts and 3 point central locking. Large opening inside.

Norweld Aluminium Tray

Available al. Very rare size. Brand new rubbers all round and new silicon in windows. Great condition. The curtains are full block out with Velcro. Aluminium fully lockable canopy. Built for a Toyota Hilux dual cab tray back. Universal fitting! Can also fit all other utes! This is the perfect solution for never having to reach into the back of the Tub again! Length mm X Width mm Slide pulls out a massive mm from mounted position!

Make sure to measure your tub to ensure fit! Can also fit all other utes. This is the perfect solution for never having to reach into the back of the Tub again. Length mm X Width mm. Slide pulls out a massive mm from mounted position! Make sure to measure your tub to ensure fit.

Sturdy, powder coated steel frame welded construction.


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